2020 Festival Alums Streaming Now!

    Last updated: 08/14/2020

    Our programming team curates an exceptional selection of non-fiction films each festival year, and 2020 was no different despite the in-person event’s cancelation. A handful of this year’s official selections are now available to stream and we hope our audiences will enjoy exploring these titles.

    We’ll be sure to keep this list updated as more festival films are released. Looking for more films to stream? Keep an eye out on our Virtual Screening Room page for more film selections and filmmaker Q&As!

    Live in or near Durham? Consider stopping by the Carolina Theatre to pick-up a bag of popcorn for your next movie night!

    Boys State

    Boys State | Directors: Amanda McBaine, Jesse Moss

    Stream: Apple TV+

    This film dramatically captures the political motivations and strategic calculations of a group of young men who, among a thousand other Texas high school students, take part in a weeklong exercise to build a representative democracy from the ground up.


    Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn

    Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn | Director: Ivy Meeropol

    Stream: Amazon, HBO

    Candid interviews with colleagues and acquaintances trace the infamous late lawyer’s life and career, from his early days as a prosecutor in the still-controversial espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg—director Ivy Meeropol’s grandparents—to his work with Senator Joseph McCarthy to his role as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and mentor.


    Dick Johnson is Dead

    Dick Johnson Is Dead | Director: Kirsten Johnson

    Stream: Netflix

    As a way of preparing herself and her aging father for letting go, filmmaker Kirsten Johnson imagines various ways that he might die, staging and filming the scenarios in intricate, painstaking recreations. Intimate conversations between parent and child infuse their poignant, funny, and wildly imaginative journey.


    The Fight

    The Fight | Directors: Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, Eli Despres

    Stream: Most VOD platforms

    In this on-the-ground film composed of four timely and wrenching narratives, five ACLU lawyers work tirelessly to defend civil liberties. Whether reuniting a parent and child separated at the border or fighting for reproductive rights, voting rights, or the right of a transgender soldier to keep his job, these underappreciated warriors of the courtroom battle on, often at personal cost.


    Mucho Mucho Amor 

    Mucho Mucho Amor | Directors: Cristina Costantini, Kareem Tabsch

    Stream: Netflix

    Legendary Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado graced the airwaves for decades, donning elegant robes and broadcasting his charming, comforting presence to millions of viewers. A foundational figure in Latin American television, his popular shows were a cultural mainstay until he mysteriously disappeared in 2007. Now, with this intimate invitation into Mercado’s world, the dynamic, gender-fluid icon returns to the screen in a humorous and touching examination of a life fully lived.


    The Painter and the Thief

    The Painter and the Thief | Director: Benjamin Ree

    Stream: Amazon, Apple TV, Fandango, Google, Hulu

    After two works by Czech artist Barbora Kysilkova are stolen from her solo show in Norway, the police find the thieves, but not the paintings. At the trial, Kysilkova forges a connection with one of the defendants when she asks him to pose for a portrait. As the two confront the complications of their pasts and presents, their precarious friendship evolves in unexpected ways.



    Riafn | Director: Hannes Lang | The Franklin Humanities Institute Award Winner

    Stream: Amazon

    Farmers and shepherds in the Alps rely on a distinct communication style, a steady stream of call and response that echoes off the mountainsides. A condensed pictorial symphony, this short offers a glimpse into a blissful form of connection far removed from the reaches of technology.


    Spaceship Earth

    Spaceship Earth | Director: Matt Wolf | Closing Night Film

    Stream: Amazon, Apple TV, Fandango, Google Play, Hulu

    Biosphere 2, conceived as a self-sustaining laboratory mimicking Earth’s ecology and resources, was a massive geodesic enclosure built in the Arizona desert. In 1991, an eight-person crew of “biospherians” undertook a two-year experiment to live inside the dome. Part science-fiction, part co-op—and inadvertent precursor to reality television—the experiment yielded unexpected results both inside and outside the bubble.  



    Tutwiler | Director: Elaine McMillion Sheldon

    Stream: PBS Frontline

    This short film follows inmates at Alabama’s notorious Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women as they prepare to give birth. With the support of a group of doulas, and one another, they navigate pregnancy, labor, and the profound loss of being separated from their newborns.