Donor Wall

    Full Frame recognizes and thanks all our First Team members, donors, and supporters whose generosity allows us to move our mission forward, impacting thousands of artists, students, audiences, and more throughout the documentary and Durham communities.

    2021 Donors



    Hartfield Foundation
    Mrs. Frank H. Kenan


    The Baskerville Foundation of TCF
    Wyndham Robertson
    Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler


    Rae Ann and Patrick Baker
    Jeff and Susan Crawford and John R. Blackwell
    Kerry Dietz and Eva Schocken
    Nancy Kalow and Daniel Dektar
    Marian and Dudley Lacy
    Nancy Lee and Marie Wilson
    Jaye Meyer and Michael Crowell
    Dr. Karen O’Donnell
    Jennifer Parker and Peter Rosenberg
    Melody Harrison Savage
    David Sontag


    Beverly and Robert Atwood
    Glenda and Gary Bos
    Lisa and Leon Capetanos
    Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus
    Diane and Charles Catotti
    Julie and Jim Chosy
    Matt and Amber Christian
    Kelly Clark and John A. Northen
    Mark Covey and Israel Ehrisman
    Chris Cramer
    Vandana Dake and John Warasila
    Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger (in memory of Anne Dellinger)
    Mia and Scott Doron
    Laura Drey
    Donna and William Eacho
    Angela and Sam Eberts
    Fenhagen Family
    Dr. Jonathan Flescher (in memory of Dr. Susan Eder)
    Cynthia Frazier and Benjamin Reese, Jr.
    Imre and Aniko Gaal
    Bobbi and Matt Hapgood
    Pricey Taylor Harrison
    Susan and Michael Hershfield
    Timothy A. Huebsch
    Deborah Hylton and E. Leland Webb
    Deborah Jakubs and James Roberts
    Patricia A. Jordan and Steven E. Stewart
    Diane M. Juffras and Jim Wisner
    Stefanie and Doug Kahn
    Hannah and Paul Kirschenfeld
    Dr. Sarah Hollingsworth Lisanby & Dr. Satish I. Anjilvel (in honor of Charles Lisanby)
    Tracy Mancini and Norris Cotton
    Sandy and Ned McClurg
    Gale and Bill Meyer
    Paul Michael
    Dr. Angel Nieves
    Peggy Parsons
    Nancy and Chris Plaut
    John G. Pless, Jr.
    Mary and William Purdy
    Bryna and Greg Rapp
    Kimberly and Henry Rehberg
    Deborah and Ed Roach
    Wendy Robineau & Donald Beskind
    Caroline and Arthur Rogers
    Carolyn and Philip Rogers (in honor of Sean and Birdie Edevane)
    Bob Saunders and Mary Morgan
    Melanie Small and Greg DeKoenigsberg
    Michele and Barry Smith
    Mindy and Guy Solie
    Dr. Nicole C. Spector (in memory of Greyson E. Spector)
    Angie Vorhies
    Mary Ellen Walkama
    Marie and Eugene Washington
    Gennifer Weisenfeld and Derek Jones
    Tom Wenger
    Annabel Wharton
    Patti White & John Sander
    Jennifer and Sandy Williams
    Linda Wilson and Rick Carns
    Julie and Kevin Witte
    Krista and Michael Zarzar
    Joyce and Kenneth Zeitler
    Kathy and Harry Zemel
    Melissa and Matthew Zemon

    *as of May 7, 2021

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    Fans of Full Frame

    Kathy & David Bartlett
    Paul Bonesteel, Bonesteel Films
    Meghan Day
    Susan Jane Hayden
    Leesa Moore (in honor of The Full Frame Team)
    Timothy A. Ross
    Mary R. Russell
    Jan Schochet
    Amy Scott
    Dr. Erin Smith

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    2021 Donors*

    Kendall Alford-Madden (in honor of Jessica Reveal)
    Beth Battle Anderson
    Howard Aronowitz
    Don Bailey
    Jill & William Baker
    John P. Barkley
    Sharon Barry
    Michelle Benham (in honor of Angie Potiny)
    John Blackwell
    Jane Robertson Blanch
    Erica Brestel (in honor of Danielle Brestel)
    Michelle Brossette
    Linda B. Brown
    Leanne & David Brown
    Nancy Buirski (in memory of D.A. Pennebaker)
    Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Callen
    Walter E. Campbell
    Carl Family Fund
    James Arthur Cunningham
    Alyssa Dallas
    Amory Davis
    Albert M. Dotson
    Deborah Durham
    David Howard Foster (in honor of All those who work for Full Frame through these challenging times!)
    Cynthia Frazier & Benjamin Reese
    Joan H. Gillings
    Mike Gillum
    Phyllis Gordon
    Carolyn Hepburn
    Richard Hibbits
    Michelle F. Hooper
    Deborah Imershein
    Sandra & Peter Jacobi
    Valerie Konczal
    Mimi & Maury Krystel
    Suzanne & Landon LaPorte
    Savannah Lennertz
    Dr. Roni Cohen Liberman (in honor of William Cohen)
    Linda Lowe
    Michele Lynn
    Elizabeth Ann McConnell
    James M. McManus (in memory of Dr. Thomas McManus)
    James S. Mead
    Andrea Mensch
    Laurie Millar & Robert Bury
    Susan Moffatt
    Julie Morris
    Sheila A. Mott
    Wendy Newton
    Josh Parker
    Joanne Pelligra
    Marian R. Place
    Angie Potiny
    Barbara Provus
    Matthew Ray
    Mary Jane Rivers (in honor of Ellen Cassilly & Frank Konhaus)
    George K. Rothman
    Drs. Barbra & Andrew Rothschild
    Martha Scotford
    Paul Charles Shakin
    Joy Sotolongo
    Speller Street Films
    Kim Talikoff
    Pilar Timpane
    Wayne Upchurch
    Angela Vieth
    Sandra Wartski (in honor of Ben Wartski)
    Natalia Weedy Photography
    Anne Wylie

    *donors as of May 8, 2021

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    2020 Donors

    We are grateful for the support of our donors who contributed between March 2019–June 2020. Under different circumstances, they would have received recognition in the 2020 festival program.

    2020 DONORS**

    Professor Faith E. Adiele        
    Kendall Alford-Madden (in honor of The Alford Family)
    Herb Amey     
    Beth Anderson           
    Stephanie Angelini     
    Dr. Teresa Arledge     
    Michelle Arlotto         
    Beverly and Robert Atwood*
    Jill Baker
    Rae Ann and Patrick W. Baker*         
    Joe Balthazar 
    Michelle Balthazar     
    Sharon Barry  
    Kathy and David Bartlett       
    Geoffrey Barton         
    Michelle Benham       
    Leah Bergman and Ted Roach*
    Caroline and Buster Black*
    John Blackwell *
    Glenda and Gary Bos*
    Julie Brenman
    Dr. Abenaa Brewster 
    Dr. Ann Brown and Dr. Ken Kohagen*
    Sara Beth and James C. Bryan
    Nancy Buirski
    Carma Burton*          
    Marjorie and Claude Burton*
    Lisa and Leon Capetanos*
    Carl Family Fund
    Candace Carraway     
    Kathy Carter   
    Diane and Charles Catotti*
    Patty Chase
    Julie and Jim Chosy*
    Matt and Amber Christian*
    Daniel Clark
    Kelly Clark and John A. Northen*
    Paige Corkhill 
    Chris Cramer*
    Dr. Barbara B. Crane  
    Jeff and Susan Crawford*
    Susan Criscenzo         
    Betsy Crites    
    Vandana Dake and John Warasila *
    Lucy C. Daniels, PhD  
    David de Rozas           
    Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger*
    Kerry Dietz and Eva Schocken *
    Mia and Scott Doron*
    Marybeth Dugan        
    Donna and William Eacho*
    Angela and Sam Eberts*
    Dr. Jonathan Flescher*
    Israel Ehrisman*
    Laura Ertel (in honor of The Full Frame team, who work so diligently to make this a great event)
    Paul Feldblum
    Fenhagen Family and Helen’s Fund*
    Leslie Fischer and Murat Kaptanoglu*
    Cynthia Frazier and Benjamin Reese*
    The Baskerville Foundation of TCF*
    John Fussell    
    Imre and Aniko Gaal*
    Barbara Konhaus Geistwhite 
    Maggie Gilbert and Robert Rosenbaum*
    Joan H. Gillings
    Mike Gillum
    Craig Godwin 
    Phyllis Gordon
    Susan and Chris Graebe         
    Karen Green   
    Dr. Lawrence Howard Greenblatt and Dr. Cathleen Marie Melton  
    Meredith Gregory      
    Dave Greune  
    Barbara Haight and Shane Jones*
    Deirdre and Joseph Haj* (in honor of The Full Frame Team)
    Dr. Jan S. Halle *
    Bobbi and Matt Hapgood*
    Richard Harker*
    Pricey Taylor Harrison*
    Hartfield Foundation*
    Laurence R. Helfer
    Susan and Michael Hershfield*
    Michelle Hicks            
    Cynthia Hill*
    Wesley Hogan and Dirk Philipsen* (in honor of William Barber III)
    Clark Hooper
    (in honor of Wyndham Robertson)
    Timothy A. Huebsch*
    Deborah Hylton and E. Leland Webb*
    Sandra and Peter Jacobi*
    Deborah Jakubs and James Roberts*
    Suma and Evan Jones*
    Patricia A. Jordan and Steven E. Stewart*
    Diane Juffras and Jim Wisner*
    Lisa and Jonathon Kadis*
    Stefanie and Douglas Kahn*  
    Nancy Kalow and Daniel Dektar*
    Jeremy Kaplan (in memory of Clark Wang)
    Mrs. Frank H. Kenan*
    Michael Howard Keslin
    Hannah and Paul Kirschenfeld*
    Rosemarie Atkin Kitchin
    Tadeusz Kleindienst (in memory of Juedi S. Kleindienst)
    Stacey and Larry Kohn*         
    Diana Gail Koonce      
    Suzanne and Bob Koscso       
    Mary M. Kralj 
    Charles Kronberg       
    Marian and Dudley Lacy*      
    Naomi Jane Lambert*
    Suzanne and Landon LaPorte
    Jeff Laufenberg          
    Amyla Lavric*
    Nancy Lee and Marie Wilson*
    Tracie A. Levert (in honor of Spelman Aspiring Documentary Filmmakers)
    Nike Lewis      
    Jackie and David Macleod*
    Henry Wayne Majestic          
    Tracy Mancini and Norris Cotton*
    Tori Mazur     
    Carolyn McAllaster    
    Ross McElwee
    Barbara and Michael McNulty*
    Gale and Bill Meyer*
    Jaye Meyer and Michael Crowell*
    Paul Michael*
    Carlton Midyette       
    Laurie Millar and Robert Bury*
    Matthew Milliken
    Donna Mitchell*
    Melanie Mitchell        
    Donna Modula           
    Julie and Mark Morris*
    Ira Mueller
    Catherine M. Murphy
    Dr. Angel Nieves*
    Dr. Karen O’Donnell*
    Eugene Oddone         
    Michael Oliverio*
    Margaret Palmer       
    Parker and Otis*
    Jennifer Parker and Peter Rosenberg*
    Michele Pas and Barry Poss*
    Michael Pearce and Family
    (in memory of Blake Michael Pearce)
    Kathryn H. Peters       
    Nancy and Christopher Plaut*           
    John G. Pless Jr.*
    Barry M. Popkin         
    The Prentice Foundation, Inc.
    Dr. J. Scott Provan and Jane Anne Provan    
    Mary and William Purdy*
    Michelle Quinn
    John Quinterno          
    Karen Rabenau and David Harpole*
    Bryna and Greg Rapp*
    Tim Rauwald*
    Ellen and Ken Reckhow * *
    Kimberly and Henry Rehberg*
    Julia Reichert
    in honor of The Full Frame Team
    Deborah Roach*
    Wyndham Robertson*
    Caroline and Arthur Rogers*
    Carolyn and Philip Rogers*
    Robert Rooy   
    Dr. Beth S. Rosenberg
    Sherri Zenn Rosenthal
    George K. Rothman   
    Drs. Barbra and Andrew Rothschild  
    Quinten Sansosti        
    Melody Harrison Savage*      
    Jan Schochet*
    Elizabeth and Michael Schoenfeld*
    Gita Schonfeld
    Robert James Scott    
    Margaret Sederoff     
    Joanna and Michael Selim*
    Cosette Serabjit-Singh and Richard Philpot*
    Mary Sewell
    Chloe Seymore and Harrison Haynes*
    Jeffrey William Shafton         
    Paul Charles Shakin   
    Alice L. Sharpe (in memory of Carl Whisenton)
    Rich Shaw      
    Ethel Simonetti (in honor of Barbara Lau)
    Daniel Singer  
    Peg and Lee Skold      
    Lisa Sloan       
    Melanie Small and Greg DeKoenigsberg*
    Barry and Michele Smith*
    Mindy and Guy Solie*
    David Sontag*
    Wendy and Steven Sorin
    Dr. Nicole C. Spector*
    Margaret Spellings*
    Christine Steiner*
    Tom Stern and Ann McColl*
    Laura Stillman
    Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler*
    Neal Timpe     
    Marcy and Vance Tucker       
    Rachel Unkefer          
    Judith Van Wyk          
    Angela Vieth  
    Mary Ellen and Karl von der Heyden*
    Angie Vorhies (in memory of Breonna Taylor)
    Mary Ellen Walkama*
    Gary Lee Ward           
    Marie and Eugene Washington*
    Gennifer Weisenfeld and Derek Jones*
    Londa Weisman* (in honor of Nancy Lee)
    Tom Wenger*
    Professor Annabel Wharton*
    Lauren and Jim Whitehurst*
    Sam Wilen
    Jane Williams 
    Jennifer and Sandy Williams*
    Linda Wilson and Rick Carns*
    Julie and Kevin Witte*
    Alan Young     
    Krista and Michael Zarzar *
    Joyce and Kenneth Zeitler*   
    Melissa and Matthew Zemon*          


    **March 2019 – June 2020

    *2020 First Team Members