#DocsSoWhite 2.0


This conversation focuses on representation, agency, and authorship to examine who gets to tell whose story and how we might begin to diversify the world of documentary filmmaking. This panel, begun at last year’s festival, spawned several national op-eds and articles as filmmakers wrestled with the ethics of representation, as well as with building support for colleagues who have less opportunity than those in the ethnic majority. Full Frame advisory board member S. Leo Chiang, who participated in last year’s discussion, will moderate this year’s group, as panelists discuss an issue that is not evolving quickly.

Panelists include: Patricia Benabe (They Took Them Alive, The Hand That Feeds), Whitney Dow (Two Towns of Jasper, Whiteness Project), and Yance Ford (Strong Island). Moderated by: S. Leo Chiang (Out Run, Mr. Cao Goes to Washington)


Festival Year