5 Black History Month Docs: Politics

    Throughout the month of February, we’re sharing festival alums that showcase the legacy of African American history and culture. This week’s selection of films focus on the role of African Americans in politics.


    City So Real

    City So Real (Full Frame 2020) | Director: Steve James

    Stream: Hulu

    This four-hour series captures the city of Chicago at a pivotal moment, as residents grapple with a divisive mayoral election alongside the trial of the policeman who killed Laquan McDonald. Documenting the city from multiple vantages, City So Real highlights the experiences of candidates and citizens alike to consider how issues of race manifest across the political spectrum and in everyday lives.



    Maynard (Full Frame 2018) | Director: Sam Pollard

    Stream: TubiTV

    Interviews with family, friends, and political luminaries combine with archival footage and photographs in this captivating portrait of Maynard Jackson, Atlanta’s first black mayor, whose extraordinary influence spanned three terms in office.


    The Jazz Ambassadors

    The Jazz Ambassadors (Full Frame 2018) | Director: Hugo Berkeley

    Stream: Amazon Prime

    During the Cold War, the U.S. government deployed some of its greatest jazz musicians around the world to promote democracy, even as many of them suffered Jim Crow racism in their own country. Rich archival material and powerful interviews delve into the deep conflict at the heart of the story.


    Street Fight

    Street Fight (Full Frame 2005) | Director: Marshall Curry

    Stream: Amazon Prime

    When Cory Booker runs against incumbent Sharpe James in 2002’s fierce battle for mayor of Newark, he comes up against an old-school political machine willing to win by any means necessary.


    Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed

    Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed (Full Frame 2004) | Director: Shola Lynch

    Stream: Amazon Prime

    A powerful look at the pioneering, grassroots campaign of the first African American woman to run for President.