The 100 Years Show
Alison Klayman

The 99-year old artist Carmen Herrera and her geometric, primary-colored paintings are portrayed with cinematic vigor.

112 Weddings
Doug Block

Part-time wedding videographer Doug Block tracks down couples he’s filmed over the years, contrasting past with present to see how love and life have unfolded after vows.

116 Cameras
Davina Pardo

Surrounded by a twinkling constellation of cameras, Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss records her stories for an interactive hologram project, preserving her experience for future generations.

12 Notes Down
Andreas Koefoed

This touching portrayal of transition follows a talented adolescent as he is forced to abandon his longstanding role in the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir when his voice begins to change. Festival Year: 2009

12 O’Clock Boys
Lotfy Nathan

A struggling adolescent seeks acceptance from a group of extreme dirt bikers, an illegal gang
seen to be terrorizing the streets of Baltimore.

20,000 Days on Earth
Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard

Equal parts documentary and daydream, Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth’s innovative film features the inimitable Nick Cave in a series of revelatory and imaginative vignettes.

2012 Garrett Scott Grant
Ben Powell, Jason Osder

Now in its sixth year, the 2012 Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant has been awarded to Ben Powell for Barge and Jason Osder for Let the Fire Burn. Grant…

2013 Garrett Scott Grant
Mike Attie, Meghan O'Hara, Lyric R. Cabral, David Felix Sutcliffe (Co-director)

(T)ERROR (Director: Lyric R. Cabral)
An active FBI counterterrorism sting operation unravels when a terror suspect realizes an
informant is setting him up.
In Country (Directors: Mike Attie, Meghan O’Hara)
Blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy, this film follows a “platoon” of dedicated
Vietnam War reenactors.

2014 Garrett Scott Grant
RaMell Ross, James Demo

Now in its eighth year, the 2014 grant has been awarded to James Demo for The Peacemaker and RaMell Ross for Hale County. The recipients will present excerpts from their works-in-progress prior to the screening of the World Premiere of 2013 recipients Mike Attie and Meghan O’Hara’s In Country.

2015 Garrett Scott Grant
Eilsa Haradon, Gabriel Miller, Ted Passon

Now in its ninth year, the 2015 grant has been awarded to Ted Passon for The Trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal and to Elisa Haradon and Gabriel Miller for Sweetheart Deal. The recipients will present excerpts from their works-in-progress prior to the screening of (T)ERROR, directed by David Felix Sutcliffe and 2013 grant recipient Lyric R. Cabral.

2016 Garrett Scott Grant
Jonathan Olshefski, Matt Yoka

Now in its tenth year, the 2016 grant has been awarded to Jonathan Olshefski for Quest: The Fury and the Sound and to Matt Yoka for Whirlybird. The recipients will present excerpts from their works-in-progress prior to the screening of The Peacemaker, directed by 2014 grant recipient James Demo. 

2017 Garrett Scott Grant
Bing Liu, Kavita Pillay

Now in its eleventh year, the 2017 grant has been awarded to Bing Liu for Minding the Gap and to Kavita Pillay for Stalin, Lenin, and Other Tales from South India (working title). The recipients will present excerpts from their works-in-progress prior to the screening of Quest, directed by 2016 grant recipient Jonathan Olshefski.

2017 School of Doc

Presentation of the 2016 School of Doc film Blackspace

The School of Doc, launched in 2011, is a completely free program (including meals) serving Durham teens who participate in the five-week intensive summer course taught by professional filmmakers. The program is held in Full Frame’s theater and classroom space, where students work as a crew to produce a professional documentary film. Coursework includes all technical elements of the craft: camera, lights, sound, editing, and special effects, as well as pre- and post-production considerations such as rights and clearances, graphics and credits. Each School of Doc student spends time working in each of these areas.

Marc Silver

In 2012, Jordan Davis, an African American teenager, was shot and killed while sitting in a car with three friends at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. This powerful film examines the ensuing trial.

500 Years
Pamela Yates

A sweeping examination of resistance movements in Guatemala, including the recent uprising, and a chronicle of the country’s first trial for war crimes committed against the Mayan people.

51 Birch Street
Doug Block

Within a few months of his mother’s unexpected death, Doug Block is stunned to learn that his father, Mike, plans to move to Florida to…


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