12th & Delaware

Kathleen Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights 2010


In Fort Pierce, Florida, a single intersection offers a microcosm of perhaps the most controversial ideological war in America. On one corner sits an abortion clinic named A Woman’s World; on another, the pro-life Pregnancy Care Center, one of 4,000 such centers across the U.S. It’s no accident that women—some of them terrified teenagers—often mistake the pro-life outfit for the clinic and find themselves being offered complimentary ultrasounds to see their fetuses as well as prolific counseling about the fears, dangers, and wrongfulness of termination. The pro-life activists protest outside the abortion clinic, begging women to continue their pregnancies, their tactics becoming more and more extreme even over the brief course of the film. Meanwhile, at A Woman’s World, workers hunker down, protecting patients and doctors alike as they enter the clinic. Directors Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp) gained extraordinary access to both facilities, and their probing film confirms that between the two camps there really is no middle ground.  ST


Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing


Sheila Nevins, Sara Bernstein


Enat Sidi


Katherine Patterson

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United States

Run Time

80 minutes