Speakeasy Conversations

Full Frame is proud to present the A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy for the seventh year in a row in 2017. The A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy hosts a number of panel conversations over the course of the festival that are free and open to the public. The Speakeasy offers a casual setting where a small audience can listen to industry leaders take on topics that are at the heart of the documentary community today.

The A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy feature spirited and engaging discussions and debates between professionals working at the highest levels, both on stage and with the audience. This not-to-be missed series of conversations takes place on Friday and Saturda

Past Speakeasy conversations are archived and can be watched on the Full Frame Vimeo page.

2016 Speakeasy Conversations

Beyond the Choir — Friday, April 8, 9:15 am
How do docs with a message reach the unconverted? Filmmakers discuss targeting their work for audiences with a wide range of views.

Watch the Beyond the Choir Speakeasy Conversation!

The New Theatrical — Friday, April 8, 12:15 pm
Distributors discuss methods, both new and traditional, to build audiences for documentary films.

Watch The New Theatrical Speakeasy Conversation!

The Glass Ceiling — Friday, April 8, 3:15 pm
Filmmakers weigh in on the challenges women face in the documentary industry, from gender bias to funding access.

Watch The Glass Ceiling Speakeasy Conversation!

#DocsSoWhite? — Saturday, April 9, 9:15 am
Is the documentary field more diverse than Hollywood? Directors address questions of representation and opportunity.

Watch the #DocsSoWhite? Speakeasy Conversation!

Perfect and Otherwise — Saturday, April 9, 12:15 pm
In this conversation around the 2016 Thematic Program, filmmakers reflect on the inherent drama of documenting the electoral process.

Watch the Perfect and Otherwise Speakeasy Conversation!

Slippery Truths — Saturday, April 9, 3:15 pm
Directors who blur the lines between art and artifice open up about their approaches and the constructions inherent in documentary work.