Highlighting the innovative and varied documentary work that calls the internet home, features over a dozen videos that premiered online at sites such as YouTube, CurrentTV, AtomFilms, and personal video blogs. From experimental meditations on nature to citizen journalism covering the Iraqi experience, the selected videos cover a range of topics and take a variety of approaches.  The line-up includes: All Aboard S.S. Sushi (Jay Dedman), Darfur Rising (Peter Jordan), Le Grand Content (Clemens Kogler), Hickory Hill (Jennifer Proctor), Moon (Aaron Valdez), A Mother Tells a Martyr’s Story (Isam Rasheed, Steve Wyshywaniuk), The New Irish (Niall McKay), Private Screening (Charlene Rule), Start of the Season (Schlomo Rabinowitz), Tokyo 1964 (Aaron Valdez), The Universal (Kent Bye, Jennifer Gouvea), Video Tumbleweeds (Erik Nelson, Bottom Union), Vlog Anarchy (Michael Verdi), what everyone else was talking about (Duncan Speakman), What is Podcasting? (Kent Nichols, Douglas Sarine), What Remains (Dave Huth), world maps (Daniel Liss), YouTubers (Michael Bianchi).

Festival Year