12 O’Clock Boys


In Baltimore, Maryland, a ring of extreme dirt bike and ATV riders roam the urban streets. Many residents feel they terrorize the community, performing unsafe tricks and compromising traffic. The police have even come up with tactics to trap them, as attempting to chase the riders down could result in perilous high-speed antics. But meanwhile, Pug, a thirteen-year-old boy living on a dangerous Westside block with his single mother and brother, practices on his own small ATV and enthusiastically follows the riders. All he dreams of is a place with the group. This gloriously photographed film sets up a fascinating dichotomy between the ring’s internal experiences—given ample voice through director Lotfy Nathan’s familiarity with the riders—and external perspectives on its dangerous habits. Even in the face of conflict and danger, the desire to belong can be immensely powerful; perhaps all the more so in those pivotal years when one is coming of age.  ST


Lotfy Nathan


Lotfy Nathan, John Kassab, Eric Blair

Executive Producer

Taylor Gillespie


Thomas Niles


Lotfy Nathan

Release Year


Festival Year



United States

Run Time

75 minutes