Festival Year: 2017

Gary Hustwit

An insightful examination of typography, graphic design, and global visual culture through the lens of the iconic typeface. Festival Year: 2007

Il Capo
Yuri Ancarani

This stunning cinematic short follows an Italian machinery conductor as he deftly directs his crew to carve marble out of a mountain. Festival Year: 2011

In Harm’s Way
Jan Krawitz

An affecting portrait of the filmmaker’s own life story, told through striking contemporary images and excerpts from the “safety first” films shown in school classrooms during the 1950s and 60s. Festival Year: 1998

The In-Between

Documentary filmmaking often creates a feast-or-famine cycle for makers who continue to produce work over the course of many years. After releasing a film, there’s a period of time in which the filmmakers are on the road across the country and the world to promote their work. The next creative phase involves digging into the often-lonely and highly unglamorous development process of bringing nascent ideas to life as new, full-fledged projects. Per filmmaker request, this open space for conversation is about giving “between-projects” creative life, professional support, and focused creative feedback.

An Insignificant Man
Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla

With unimaginable access, this film follows the turbulent campaign of Arvind Kejriwal, a businessman turned politician who formed India’s Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man’s Party) in 2012, as he runs for his country’s top office.

Island Soldier
Nathan Fitch

Through the intimate stories of two soldiers, this film explores the high cost of opportunity. In the Federated States of Micronesia—an “associated state” of the U.S.—a high proportion of residents serve in the American military, with few resources to support their lives after duty ends.

Pia Lenz

Adult themes unfold through the perspective of young protagonists in this beautifully photographed feature that captures the experiences of two refugee families struggling to rebuild their lives in Germany.

The Kodachrome Elegies
Jay Rosenblatt

A short and lyrical ode to Kodachrome film stock that reflects on family, loss, and the end of an era.

La Laguna
Aaron Schock

In the rainforests of southern Mexico, a Mayan boy faces the impending loss of his childhood freedoms as family pressures and economic realities close in. Festival Year: 2016

Last Day of Freedom
Dee Hibbert-Jones, Nomi Talisman

Beautiful animation accompanies poignant testimony in this haunting short about a man who discovers his brother has committed a serious crime. Festival Year: 2015

Last Men in Aleppo
Feras Fayyad

Urgent and harrowing, this film follows the White Helmets’ unrelenting efforts to save fellow Syrians. When air strikes devastate homes, they descend on the wreckage to rescue buried men, women, and children, refusing to leave their people or their city behind.

The Last Pig
Allison Argo

This lyrical film follows an introspective farmer as his beliefs undergo a dramatic shift, from believing that there are more humane ways to slaughter animals to questioning the premise of his life’s work.

Life in Riva
Lorenzo Giordano

An aging resident imparts the history of his seaside Italian town. His recollections, and a trove of impeccably photographed artifacts, reveal the evolutions of one place over time.

Life – Instruction Manual
Jörg Adolph, Ralf Bücheler

Featuring short excerpts from a wide range of classes, from childbirth to end-of-life care, this film reflects on the myriad ways that we depend on learning, particularly from others.

Long Strange Trip
Amir Bar-Lev

Personal interviews, performances, and never-before-seen footage create a multifaceted portrait of the Grateful Dead. They were more than a band. They were a movement.

Luis & I
Roger Gómez, Dani Resines

The wife of a human cannonball describes their life in the circus and the ways their love has endured decades of this itinerant lifestyle.

May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers
Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio

Personal, rich, and from the soul, this film follows the equally soulful Avett Brothers as they record a new album, reflect on the creative process, and navigate strong ties while managing lives spent on the road.

Mommy’s Land
Garret Atlakson

As the Cambodian government demolishes homes, and arrest counts and brutal police violence increase, elder resident “Mommy” and other neighborhood women prove to be peaceful, and vivacious, resisters.