Festival Year: 2020

V.S. (Vreugdevuur Scheveningen)
Romke Hoogwaerts

Two Dutch working-class communities take part in a peculiar competition: which group can build the biggest bonfire? This short film charts the preparations for the astonishing showdown, when monumental piles of wooden pallets are set ablaze.

Matt Yoka

A young journalist couple changes the breaking-news landscape as they take to the Los Angeles skies in their helicopter, capturing some of the city’s most pivotal moments as they unfold on the streets below, including the 1992 riots and the O.J. Simpson pursuit. Featuring extensive footage from their archive, Whirlybird reflects on their extraordinary success and the personal consequences of living with the pressing impulse to get to the story first.

A Word for Human
Mauricio González-Aranda

Multiple worlds coexist in the Royal Danish Library in this observational film. Collections spring to life and crisp cinematography renders a lucid portrait of library staff and users, revealing how the library’s day-to-day work moves beyond the pages of a book or the walls of an exhibition to extend conversation and culture to Copenhagen, and beyond.