A Lion in the House

Full Frame Grand Jury Award - Special Jury Award 2006


How do we muster the courage to face a diagnosis of cancer—especially when our child is the patient? A Lion in the House focuses on three remarkable families as they search for the strength to support children undergoing prolonged and painful cancer treatments. The film grants us extraordinary access to the frank discussions among the hospital staff, and to those profound moments when circumstances compel parents and siblings to make spur-of-the-moment life-and-death decisions. But the children are the emotional core of this documentary. The film portrays their personal lives and their struggle to accept the knowledge that their bodies are failing with heart-wrenching honesty. The caregivers are pillars of strength in difficult times, but the real lions in this film are the kids who confront their illness with grace, courage, and wit.  TW


Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert


Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert

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United States

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230 minutes