After Tiller

Kathleen Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights 2013


In 2009, Dr. George Tiller was murdered while attending his church in Kansas. Now there are only four doctors in the United States who continue to perform third trimester abortions. Martha Shane and Lana Wilson take us inside the perspectives of these four remarkable individuals who risk their lives everyday to ensure a woman’s right to choose. Colleagues and personal friends of Tiller, they remember his profound influence and expound upon the complicated facets of their occupation. Their revelations range from the practical (where can one safely run a clinic) to the ethical (at what point is a patient declined) to the emotional (how does one even attempt to navigate such tremendous grief). With utmost care, the film also bears witness to the circumstances of individual patients facing this difficult choice. In doing so, what might have been an attempt to persuade or convince invites understanding and compassion. This restrained document is a poignant testament amidst a deafening war of belief and judgment.  ST


Martha Shane, Lana Wilson


Martha Shane, Lana Wilson


Greg O’Toole


Hillary Spera, Emily Topper

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United States

Run Time

88 minutes