Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry


With intimate access to the artist, Alison Klayman presents a portrait of Chinese photographer, sculptor, architect, and activist Ai Weiwei. Captured over the course of three years, this portrait is as much about the current state of China as it is Ai Weiwei’s art and character. Exhibited all over the world, his pieces present a unique collision of grand imagination and pointed politics: This is the artist who filled the Turbine Hall of London’s Tate Modern with millions of porcelain sunflower seeds, each one “Made in China” although in this instance individually painted and sculpted by artisans. Despite great acclaim, his work remains controversial in China, and the threat of censorship is imminent. Still, Ai Weiwei continues to push artistic, cultural, and political boundaries, implementing a Twitter feed and blogging to propel the message of his art. Though these actions culminate in his highly publicized arrest in Beijing, it will clearly take more than intimidation to stall this intrepid artist. His work, and this film, is a powerful testament to the potential impact of art, and the change one vision can inspire.  ST


Alison Klayman


Alison Klayman, Adam Schlesinger

Executive Producers

Andrew Cohen, Julie Goldman, Karl Katz


Jennifer Fineran


Alison Klayman

Release Year


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United States, China

Run Time

91 minutes