a/k/a Tommy Chong


Remember the notorious Tommy Chong? The unrepentant and unapologetic stoner? The comedic icon of the 1970s? The outlaw? During the height of the “war on terror,” federal agents targeted Tommy Chong and ultimately arrested him for selling drug paraphernalia across state lines. According to Chong, he was imprisoned because he joked “about bongs being the only weapons of mass destruction [the government] found.” This film offers a mugshot, so to speak, of the comedian as he and his family prepare for his incarceration. It is a loving portrait of Chong’s courage (and conviction). It presents the comedian’s legal misfortune as a case study in the way the current political climate stifles any and all subversive behavior. a/k/a Tommy Chong is a bittersweet ode to the counter culture’s last gasp in the face of growing cultural conservatism.  TW


Josh Gilbert


Josh Gilbert, AD Sinha, Rebecca Rowe, Cheryl Chapman, Will Becton

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United States

Run Time

78 minutes