Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

Full Frame Audience Award Feature 2017


Marcelo Gomes has been a dancer with American Ballet Theater in New York City for almost 20 years. Since his childhood in Brazil, he has aspired to dance the great roles in classical ballet, and he has succeeded. But a dancer’s career is short. Men in ballet typically achieve their physical peak around the age of 30, but Gomes may last another ten years as the hero in ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle, and Romeo and Juliet. Praised as a singular combination of dancer, actor, and technician, Gomes has matured as an artist, while his body is still responsive to the killing demands of classical dance. The rare male dancer who relishes partnering work, he has a precise and selfless devotion to making female dancers look exquisitely ethereal that is deeply appreciated by his collaborators. From rehearsal halls to the stage, this is an intimate look at a warm and engaging artist who, while achieving his wildest dreams, knows that his moment in the spotlight is fleeting. LB

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David Barba, James Pellerito


David Barba, James Pellerito


David Barba, James Pellerito


David Barba, James Pellerito

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United States

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83 minutes


Partially subtitled