Featuring illuminating interviews and a trove of previously unreleased footage and music, Eno explores the life and work of wildly innovative and highly influential artist and musician Brian Eno. As it peels back the layers of Eno’s artistic process, the documentary gives way to a broader examination of what it means to create art and how the work of bringing it to life—whether music, painting, or film—actually happens. Gary Hustwit’s film echoes Eno’s approach of initiating constraints as a way to provide opportunities for new ideas and make space for unanticipated synchronicities: remarkably, Eno is a documentary that’s different every time it is shown. Partnering with creative technologist Brendan Dawes to develop a generative software, Hustwit’s film remixes scenes and sequences to present an entirely unique assembly of Eno’s ideas and experiences to each new audience. The thrilling result is a portrait of a legendary artist who, rather than rest on his laurels, continues to be dialed in to the sensitivities and sparks that give rise to human expression. ST

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Gary Hustwit


Gary Hustwit, Jessica Edwards


Maya Tippett, Marley McDonald


Mary Farbrother

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United States, United Kingdom

Run Time

90 minutes