Flag Wars

Thematic DoubleTake Curated by Sadie Tillery

Gentrification, class war, poverty, gay culture, and free speech all come together under one banner in Flag Wars, a stark journey into the heart of a divided community. Filmed over the course of four years, Flag Wars documents the gentrification of an African American working-class neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. But the distinction here is that the white newcomers are mostly gay. Showing all sides of the story with equal passion (and including an unforgettable judge caught in the middle), Flag Wars takes on the complexities of a community trying to get along with humor, poetry, and brutal honesty.

Rodrigo Dorfman, 2003 Festival


Linda Goode Bryant


Linda Goode Bryant, Laura Poitras


Linda Goode Bryant, Erez Laufer


Laura Poitras

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United States

Run Time

95 minutes