2012 Garrett Scott Grant

Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant

Now in its sixth year, the 2012 Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant has been awarded to Ben Powell for Barge and Jason Osder for Let the Fire Burn. Grant founder Rachael Rakes will join the grant recipients in presenting short excerpts from their works-in-progress.


Ben Powell

Barge examines the impact of one of America’s great rivers, documenting the next chapter of life on the Mississippi. Fascinating riverboat works—notorious captains and seasoned first mates—expose both the decidedly colorful and highly specialized aspects of their profession. The Mississippi, from its source in Lake Taska, Minnesota, all the way down to its mouth in New Orleans, offers a constantly moving and ever-changing backdrop for the beautiful, yet harsh, realities of this way of life.

Let the Fire Burn

Jason Osder

In 1985, police closed in on the Philadelphia row home headquarters of MOVE, a radical group some considered terrorists. After firing thousands of rounds of ammunition, police dropped two pounds of explosives on the house, starting a fire that eventually claimed the lives of five children, six adults, and sixty-one of the surrounding homes. Eschewing interview footage for pure archival imagery, Let the Fire Burn reveals a remarkable example of how intolerance, and incompetence, can lead to unthinkable acts of violence.



Ben Powell, Jason Osder

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