John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk

Career Award St. Clair Bourne

In John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk, narrated by Wesley Snipes, Bourne explores the biopic form that has framed much of his work and demonstrates why it is important to tell the stories of exceptional people. As the documentary opens, Bourne asks, “How do you describe a legend?”  The film’s answer is that you can’t, but by telling that legend’s story, you can learn a different way of understanding the world. As a pioneer in the field of Africana Studies and a leader in the Pan-Africanist movement, John Henrik Clarke proves an apt subject for this project. His visionary scholarship springs to life as old newsreel footage and arresting images of African art act as a compelling counterpoint to Clarke’s wide-ranging ruminations on the history and culture of Africa.  LRB


St. Clair Bourne


Wesley Snipes, Kimiko Jackson


Chris Fiore


Larry Banks

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United States

Run Time

90 minutes