Love Means Zero


Nick Bollettieri is, unequivocally, a prolific, powerful, and controversial coach. Founder of the world’s first tennis academy, he has taught many students-turned-stars, including Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Serena and Venus Williams, Kathleen Horvath, Anna Kournikova, and Maria Sharapova. Soothing Dean Martin lyrics about loving memories meld with the churn of a ball machine and subsequent thwack of a racket, deceptively suggesting the start of a sweet sports story, until Bollettieri’s gruff, biting voice jolts us into the reality—his reality—that nothing matters more than winning. At the film’s core, director Jason Kohn keenly attempts to address the public breakup between Bollettieri and his star player Agassi (whose refusal to participate in the film is immediately noted), but the coach’s contempt for discussing mistakes of the past is rigid. Former pros and colleagues share their mentor’s rigorous training methods and provide some insight into his character. The man before us, and in intercut archival footage, is someone at once obsessed with success and terrified of revealing emotion.  KR

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Jason Kohn


Amanda Branson Gill, Jason Kohn, Anne White, Jill Mazursky, David Styne


Jack Price, Michael Flores


Eduardo Mayen

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United States

Run Time

89 minutes