Mucho Mucho Amor


Legendary Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado graced the airwaves for decades, donning elegant robes and transmitting his comforting presence to millions of viewers. An integral figure in Latin American television whose popularity extended to the United States and beyond, he graced psychic shows with his insight until his disappearance from public view in 2007. Now, the dynamic, gender-fluid icon returns to the screen in a humorous and touching examination of a life fully lived. Mercado’s undying love for all and fierce spirituality guide him through periods of life both joyous and painful. With prime access to Mercado and his trove of knickknacks and anecdotes, rich archival material, and input from a spirited bevy of lifelong Mercado enthusiasts, Mucho Mucho Amor encapsulates the personal and cultural legacy of this true artist, gifting him with the airtime to tell his story on his own terms.  KR


Cristina Costantini, Kareem Tabsch


Cristina Costantini, Alex Fumero, Kareem Tabsch


Tom Maroney


Peter Alton

Release Year


Festival Year



United States

Run Time

96 minutes


Partially subtitled