One Thing in Nothing


In October 2017 the Tubbs Fire incinerated the city of Santa Rosa in Northern California, destroying more than 2,800 homes and killing 20 people. In the aftermath of the fire, filmmaker Whitney Legge offers a sensitive reflection from the perspective of children now left without a home. In tender voice-over, different children confide what they wish had been saved from the fire against black-and-white images of the remnants left behind in the ash. As a young child, it seems the whole world can exist within the house you live in. This film is a breath of what it means to recollect and be a child when everything that you once had is now gone. When the fire blazed through over 36,000 acres of Northern California, it turned out that the minutiae of one person’s world could really be one thing in nothing.  KL

Filmmaker Q&A following screening

Encore 2 – 2:20 pm in Cinema 3


Whitney Legge


Dinesh Das Sabu


Whitney Legge


Whitney Legge

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United States

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4 minutes