Phantom Limb

Thematic DoubleTake Curated by Sadie Tillery

When he was just nine years old, Jay Rosenblatt was faced with the death of his younger brother. Unable to express his sadness or share his feelings of guilt for having survived his sibling, he pays a high emotional cost for his family’s tacit refusal to discuss what’s happened. In this experimental fusion of found footage and home movies, Rosenblatt takes us through the grieving process he was denied as a child. The poetic and provocative visual associations in this film transform assembled bits and pieces of family and cultural history into an expression of the most profound human experience: loss.

Tom Wallis, 2005 Festival


Jay Rosenblatt


Jay Rosenblatt


Jay Rosenblatt


Ara Corbett, Todd Curtis, Jay Rosenblatt

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United States

Run Time

28 minutes