Presenting Princess Shaw


Singer-songwriter Samantha Montgomery is waiting for her big break. By day, she works at a nursing home in New Orleans, but she spends her free time attending open mics and posting confessional video blogs and a cappella riffs to YouTube under the handle “Princess Shaw.” Despite her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Samantha’s followers are few­­­—her videos seem to float adrift in a vast digital sea of undiscovered content. But little does she know that she has a fan across the world in the form of Kutiman, an Israeli composer, producer, and media artist acclaimed for his mashups of YouTube videos posted by amateur musicians. The enigmatic Kutiman’s admiration for Samantha’s songs and spirit might just propel Princess Shaw from anonymity to global renown. This delightful story of two unlikely collaborators 7,000 miles apart, and one talented woman’s quest to realize her dreams, exemplifies connectivity and creativity in the Internet age.  EM


Some mature language.


Ido Haar


Liran Atzmor


Ido Haar


Ido Haar

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80 minutes