Raises Not Roses – The Story of the 9 to 5 Movement Work-In-Progress

Tribute Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

In the 1970s, 20 million women in clerical positions made up the largest sector of the American workforce, and yet their contributions were largely unrecognized. They were restricted to secretarial roles and received significantly less pay and benefits than men, and many suffered sexual harassment at the hands of their employers. Raises Not Roses—The Story of the 9 to 5 Movement shares the experiences of courageous women across the country who rose up against their companies and institutions to change the status quo. Amazing archival footage and pointed excerpts from television shows underscore potent interviews with participants and organizers. Their movement inspired the 1980 film 9 to 5 starring Jane Fonda, who speaks about how the stories of real women directly shaped the narrative of the classic comedy. In examining the origins of the movement and charting the years that followed, Raises Not Roses, which is screening at Full Frame as a special work-in-progress preview of the forthcoming documentary, powerfully brings this not-so-distant past to the present.  ST

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar


Jaime Meyers Schlenck

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United States

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88 minutes