Whether inspired by or opposed to her interpretation of the law, public fascination with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made the “Notorious RBG” a household name. However, characterizations are in the eye of the beholder and are deeply polarized: some see her as a cunning adversary, while others describe her as a real-life superhero. Regardless of vantage point, what is undeniable is the significant change brought about by her tireless efforts to champion the rights of women.

Directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West’s film is as dynamic as its subject; it invites the 84-year-old Ginsburg to revisit pivotal moments in her life and law career, reflecting on decades of landmark cases and decisions. Footage from her 1993 Supreme Court confirmation hearing and recordings of her arguments are woven with present-day interviews, highlighting her vital work with the ACLU Women’s Rights Project and her experience on the U.S. Court of Appeals. The comprehensive documentary also analyses her role on the Supreme Court, complete with discussions of her searing dissenting opinions.

While the film celebrates the immense accomplishments of Justice Ginsburg, it also allows us to see Ruth, the woman, wife, mother, and grandmother, equally devoted to her work and to her family. The film beautifully captures her love affair with her husband, Marty, who was responsible for encouraging her to pursue law in the first place and continued to champion her career. With wit, candor, and captivating intimacy, including stories from those who know her best and in-depth interviews with the woman herself, RBG is a rare portrait of a cultural icon and her still-unfolding legacy.  ST


Betsy West, Julie Cohen


Betsy West, Julie Cohen


Carla Gutierrez


Claudia Raschke

Release Year


Festival Year

2018, 2019


United States

Run Time

97 minutes