Running with Beto


The last Democratic presidential candidate to win the state of Texas was Jimmy Carter in 1976, and the last time a Democratic senator held office there was in 1993. Texas is inarguably one of the most conservative states in the U.S. Despite this history, in the midterm election in November 2018, Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke from El Paso, Texas, takes on incumbent Republican Ted Cruz for a Senate seat. Running with Beto chronicles this relatable figure and his campaign through intimate access to his family, who struggle to maintain a family life amidst his campaign; through his most loyal volunteers and ambassadors, who are desperate for a blue wave in Texas; and through the rallies and impassioned speeches that Beto endearingly delivers off the cuff. Despite his narrow loss, Beto’s campaign has galvanized Democratic voters in a state that is now unexpectedly a battleground for future elections.  BD

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


David Modigliani


Rachel Ecklund, Rebecca Feferman, Greg Kwedar, David Modigliani, Michelle Modigliani, Nancy Schafer


Penelope Falk, David Bartner


Ellie Ann Fenton, Kelly West

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United States

Run Time

93 minutes