Sex(Ed) The Movie


Remember the first time you heard about sex? The shocking basics may have been whispered at a sixth-grade sleepover, but generations of Americans still learn the cold, hard facts in school. Sex(Ed) takes a romp through the archives in a hilarious yet humbling look at our country’s earnest attempts, primarily through film, to encourage “civilized humanity” among our nation’s youth, kicking off in a modern-day fifth-grade classroom in California. The film replays decades of vintage sex ed films and television moments as experts like archivist Rick Prelinger offer insights about the shifting cultural attitudes that dictated the content. Highlights include excerpts from John Ford’s classic Sex Hygiene, required viewing for WWII soldiers; a clip of Reverend Debra Haffner asking Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly if the word “uterus” scares him; and a 1970s gem called Masturbatory Story, which features a bathtub, a fireman’s hat, and a very odd song. This film contains (ahem) explicit footage and rather sophisticated references to sex.  RS


Brenda Goodman


Brenda Goodman, Caitlin Krapf


Monique Zavistovski, Thomas G. Miller


Elizabeth Yarwood, Janine Sides, Pyong Yim

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United States

Run Time

77 minutes