In this program, innovative modes of storytelling probe the depths of our deepest emotions. One Thing in Nothing is a brief meditation on loss and resilience, unfolding through the recollections of children whose homes were destroyed when the Tubbs Fire tore through Santa Rosa, California, in 2017. In Easter Snap, a group of men in Alabama prepares a hog for butchering. The ritual nature of this series of steps is captured through textured images and personal conversations. Histories of Wolves portrays a collection of chilling tales about encounters with wolves in a village in northern Portugal; the tellers’ eccentricities blur fact and fiction. Crannog follows a young woman who creates a hospice for animals, where chickens, sheep, and pigs spend their final days in the embrace of her warmth and compassion. And in Kolmas Punkt (The Third Point), dark landscapes provide a mysterious counterpoint to words torn from letters as the filmmaker traces the movements of her grandfather, a sailor from Estonia, in her journey to connect with the past.

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79 minutes