These selections portray layered and complex examinations of place by focusing on the actions of the people who inhabit them. The surreal All Inclusive takes us on board a massive cruise ship where guests partake in waterslides and zip lines, competitions and organized dances, moving through the attractions of this floating carnival in prescribed succession. In It’s Going To Be Beautiful, on the U.S.-Mexico border, military officers and border agents do everything they can to test the strength of eight border wall prototypes in order to select a winning design. Welcome to Harmondsworth looks at a naive group of tourists strolling through a quaint village; the idyllic surroundings cannot erase what looms at its edge. Scenes from a Dry City surveys the drastic water shortage in Cape Town in the foreboding countdown to Day Zero, when all taps are turned off. And Edgecombe connects the stories of three residents of the agricultural community of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, highlighting the spirit of the place they call home while exploring the lasting legacy of slavery in the American South.

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62 minutes