SHORTS: Confrontations


In three realities rife with deceit, pressure, and violence, the force from these evils is funneled into artistic retaliation against the questionable power structures in place. Spurred by the “Pizzagate” scandal, Personal Truth, directed by Charlie Lyne, is a frenetic and provocative observational film about the power of fake news that suggests conspiracy theories may be more believable than we might like to admit. In Roopa Gogineni’s I Am Bisha, as an act of pure creative resilience, Ganja and his friends film a humorous and satirical puppet-based web series, Bisha TV, to combat the violent, genocidal regime of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir. Directed by Michael T. Workman, From Parts Unknown is a poignant experience of a young man who determines an unlikely outlet for his pain and hardships: In local wrestling, he finds catharsis, community, and a sense of purpose.

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