SHORTS: Connections


Whether displaced from their physical home, thrust into an unforeseen exchange, or mystified as to why others do not see their real selves, these charismatic figures find strength and solace in their bonds to people and art in this inspirational program. In Veena Rao’s Rebuilding in Miniature, miniaturist Ali Alamedy, an Iraqi refugee, painstakingly creates exquisitely detailed dioramas of places he’s never been in an attempt to heal his disrupted relationship to home. Meanwhile, in a brief ascent up a flight of stairs, a pair of strangers find a rapport across languages and generations in Atsushi Kuwayama’s A Friendship in Tow/Toe. Then, gracefully, and with open hearts, seven-year-old Nori, who was born a boy but is actually a girl, and her mother, Josephin, reflect on their life together in Anne Scheschonk’s Girl-Hearted.

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