SHORTS: Ties Between Us


These stories delve into the emotions that accompany complicated relationships. My Father’s Film, directed by Priscilla González Sainz, follows a daughter who crafts a portrait of her father through the spaces he occupied, a meditation shaped by the tools he left behind. Luis & I, directed by Roger Gómez and Dani Resines, is narrated by the wife of a human cannonball who describes their life in the circus and the ways their love has endured decades of this itinerant lifestyle. Shivani, directed by Jamie Dobie, is a unique tale of grief and healing in which three-year-old Dolly Shivani, believed by her parents to be the reincarnation of their dead son, trains as an Olympic archer. In Waiting for Hassana, directed by Ifunanya Maduka, Jessica, an escapee, recollects a friendship shattered by the 2014 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram.

Festival Year