SHORTS: What Remains


In unique approaches, these shorts intelligently unpack tragedy and nostalgia. Balloonfest, directed by Nathan Truesdell, is the story of the United Way of Cleveland, which in 1986 set out to break a world record, releasing over a million balloons in the air. But the event had unexpected consequences when the liftoff didn’t go as planned. The Kodachrome Elegies, directed by Jay Rosenblatt, is a short and lyrical ode to Kodachrome film stock that reflects on family, loss, and the end of an era. Dysphoria: Inside the Mind of a Holocaust Survivor, directed by Joseph Edward, is a poetic and visually arresting exploration of one man’s memories that takes an inventive and sensory approach, immersing the viewer in his experiences. The Earth Did Not Speak (La Tierra No Habló), directed by Javier Briones, follows survivors of the 1982 government-sponsored massacre in Rio Negro, Guatemala, who share their stories while the camera quietly pans across seemingly tranquil places that once were home.

Festival Year