Sing Me a Song


Tucked away in in the serene and foggy mountains of Bhutan lies the rural village of Laya, the last place in the country to receive connection to the internet and television. The young monks at the monastery there favor their smartphones over daily chants or prayers, and playing arcade games over studying. For Peyangki, his initial dream of monkhood withers in the presence of online love songs and the frequent WeChat exchanges he shares with a woman in the city of Thimphu. Fettered to a certain fate if he remains in Laya, Peyangki uses earnings from selling medicinal mushrooms to embark across the country to meet Ugyen, his internet companion, who makes her living as a singer. Even when physically united, they find it challenging to break from the comfort of their handheld devices. In a stark portrayal of technology infiltrating tradition, Sing Me a Song balances the greater ramifications of these new influences with tender portraits of personal growth.  KR


Thomas Balmès


Thomas Balmès

Executive Producers

Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann


Alex Cardon, Ronan Sinquin


Thomas Balmès

Release Year


Festival Year



France, Germany, Switzerland

Run Time

99 minutes