Strong at the Broken Places

Thematic DoubleTake Curated by Sadie Tillery

In this gripping film, four individuals who have experienced unbelievable tragedy reveal their personal accounts of trial and survival to the camera. Though from disparate circumstances—the death camps of Cambodia, the violent streets of South Boston, the ward of a VA hospital, and a prison cell with an alcohol- and drug-addicted inmate—they each describe the hardships they endured, and how their experiences shaped the lives they went on to lead, with profound candor. Strong at the Broken Places provides a forum for these survivors to speak to the unspeakable. The powerful connection between their accounts lies in their ability to heal by acting to help others.

Sadie Tillery, 1999 Festival


Margaret Lazarus, Renner Wunderlich


Margaret Lazarus, Renner Wunderlich


Renner Wunderlich


Jim Frances, Jeff Kleinmann, Joe Vitagliano

Release Year


Festival Year



United States

Run Time

38 minutes