Encore 1: Strong Island


In 1992 filmmaker Yance Ford’s older brother William was fatally shot during an argument with an auto mechanic. When the white assailant goes unindicted for the killing of the young black Long Island schoolteacher, the Ford family, like an appalling number of families in the years that follow, faces life-altering grief and incomprehensible outrage. A formally inventive investigation and memoir, the film unearths histories both personal and procedural and confronts perception and memory with Proustian and Varda-esque tact. Succumbing, but decidedly not surrendering, to injustice, Ford undertakes a soulful and cinematic inquisition, fashioning interviews, family photos, and soliloquy into an innovative form of storytelling. By turns assertive and intimate, Strong Island is a deeply affecting passage, taking viewers across the variegated shades of gray between black and white. TM

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