Encore 5: The Earth Did Not Speak + Samuel in the Clouds


The Earth Did Not Speak:
In Guatemala in the early 1980s, nearly 200,000 indigenous people were murdered in a series of massacres, the Mayan genocide, under the military rule of infamous general Efraín Ríos Montt. The Earth Did Not Speak gives voice to those who survived the 1982 massacre of 177 Maya Achi in the town of Rio Negro. When the community decided to resist forced relocation for the construction of the Chixoy Dam, the military retaliated. This silent and observational film tells the stories of the children who hid in the mountains and watched as their mothers were abused and murdered, then witnessed the flooding of their ancestral homeland. An exquisite mix of natural sound and visuals is interrupted by the voices of Rio Negro’s survivors. The film flows quietly, revealing the devastating emotional and environmental impact of the massacre and the way the Maya Achi are coping with trauma by remembering and rebuilding their town on the banks overlooking the dam. MRS


Samuel in the Clouds:
For generations, Samuel Mendoza’s family operated the lift of the world’s highest ski resort on Mount Chacaltaya in the Bolivian Andes, elevation 17,785 feet. Samuel continues this tradition with quiet stoicism. From just outside La Paz, tourists come to this precarious, breathtaking destination to walk out in the clouds, onto a summit higher than the base camp of Mount Everest. Samuel treats them to tea and sympathy even as some succumb to altitude sickness. A few hundred feet below, at the Chacaltaya GAW Station, scientists monitor symptoms of climate change from the highest atmospheric observatory on earth. The mountain’s 18,000-y


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