The Infiltrators


When Claudio Rojas is snatched by ICE outside his home, his family hastily seeks help from a group of young, undocumented activists working tirelessly to expose the conditions on the inside of the Broward Transitional Center in Florida. In this seamless blend of reenactment and reality, two members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) successfully enter the holding center to stop the unjust deportations of detainees. The members connect detainees to NIYA cohorts on the outside, and we witness the remarkable positive results of NIYA’s relentless efforts. Six hundred men and 100 women wait, sometimes for years, inside this for-profit center imprisoning immigrants without trial. Scripted scenes with actors take us inside the mechanisms of the center and NIYA’s thrilling mission of community and freedom. These sequences are interwoven with footage of the actual participants, who describe the events that unfolded. With impressive care, The Infiltrators presents exhilarating evidence of the power of unified youth in subverting the system.  KR

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Alex Rivera, Cristina Ibarra


Cristina Ibarra, Darren Dean, Daniel J. Chalfen


Randy Redroad, Alex Rivera, Aldo Velasco


Lisa Rinzler

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United States

Run Time

95 minutes