The Living Museum

Tribute Jessica Yu

At the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, New York, Dr. Janos Martin helps treat patients with severe mental illness by encouraging them to express themselves through art, whether in paint, sculpture, or collage. As part of this effort, Martin oversees the Living Museum, an annex at the hospital where art is not only made but also displayed for others to see. In vivid imagery, brilliant close-ups, and delicate conversations, director Jessica Yu presents the intricate, often visionary, work of these nontraditional artists, allowing the patients to describe their approaches and processes in their own, sometimes tangled, words. With patience and calm resilience, Dr. Martin offers feedback and ideas for best methods to the individual artists, who sometimes scream or are in tears, as he helps them displace their frustrations, and demons, onto canvas. Seen as a collective, these works illustrate the fine line between creativity and distress and illuminate the healing power of expression.  ST


Jessica Yu


Dawn Parouse

Executive Producer

Sheila Nevins


Jessica Yu


Shana Hagan, Ed Marritz

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United States

Run Time

78 minutes