The Price of Everything


In an art market where paintings go for unfathomable sums and access to coveted works seems increasingly limited, the buying and selling of masterpieces remains an expensive and capricious form of investment. With a uniquely inquisitive sensibility, director Nathaniel Kahn roams galleries, auction houses, artist studios, and a stunning private collection, unpacking the factors and forces that influence the commodification of art and the art of commodification. Enlightening interviews with artists present a spectrum of outlooks and expectations, from Jeff Koons, whose sculptures sell for tens of millions—including those that have yet to be created—to Larry Poons, who left market pressures behind to privately pursue his own rogue vision. Experts and dealmakers reveal the strategies of art-world decision-making and expand on the thrill of the chase, while a collector discusses approaches to acquisition, balancing his deep attachment to specific works with the techniques involved in making them his own. Our fascination with art is clearly personal, so why do sales define success?  ST

Q&A following screening


Nathaniel Kahn


Jennifer Blei Stockman, Debi Wisch, Carla Solomon


Lisa Remington, Kayla Malahiazar


Sabine Krayenbühl

Additional Editors

Brad Fuller, Phillip Schopper


Bob Richman


Jeff Beal

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Festival Year



United States

Run Time

98 minutes