The Square

Tribute Jehane Noujaim

A stunning and frank addition to Jehane Noujaim’s oeuvre, The Square opens with coverage of the victorious 2011 Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square that led to the removal of President Hosni Mubarak from office. As citizens quickly realize, however, striking a regime’s leader does not end its power. The battle is just beginning as the film’s central protesters, Ahmed, Khalid, and Aida, vehemently return to the streets to fight for the end of government corruption. Sparse and controlled international media coverage only proves the revolution murkier and intensifies the plea for protesters to pick up a camera and start filming. “As long as there is a camera, the revolution will continue,” says Ahmed. Amid blurring definitions of traitors, heroes, friends, and enemies, the hope and resilience emanating from this footage remain unbreakable. Noujaim expertly matches each scene of urgency, violence, and terror with the fervor and joyous unity of protesters in the Square, creating an inimitable portrait of the fight for a new conscience—of the people.  KR

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Jehane Noujaim


Karim Amer

Executive Producers

Mike Lerner, Geralyn Dreyfous, Sarah Johnson, Jodie Evans, Alexandra Johnes, Jeff Skoll, Khalil Noujaim


Pedro Kos, Muhamed El Manasterly, Christopher De La Torre, Pierre Haberer, Stefan Ronowiscz


Muhammad Hamdy, Ahmed Hassan, Jehane Noujaim, Cressida Trew

Release Year


Festival Year



United Kingdom, Egypt, United States

Run Time

95 minutes