Truman and Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation


From their Southern roots to their sexuality to their early literary acclaim and eventual addiction-addled decline, Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams seemed almost twin-like in their personal and career trajectories. In this acutely absorbing and intimate double portrait, the iconic, brilliant authors come to life: Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland interweaves actors Jim Parsons and Zachary Quinto reading from the writers’ personal letters, diaries, and published works with compelling footage of TV interviews with Dick Cavett and David Frost, where they talk about their decades-long and sometimes tumultuous friendship and rivalry. Each interview elicits deeply private and remarkable admissions from both authors. Their responses to film adaptations of their works yield yet another illuminating facet in how they saw themselves and each other’s successes and failures.  WFM


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Lisa Immordino Vreeland


Lark Lee, Lisa Immordino Vreeland, Jonathan Gray, John Northrup

Executive Producers

Brian Devine, Brooke Devine


Bernardine Colish


Shane Sigler

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United States

Run Time

81 minutes