Twilight City

Thematic Some Other Lives of Time Curated by RaMell Ross

A landmark film from the Black Audio Film Collective, Twilight City is a poetic essay that explores the experiences of people of color living in 1980s London. The film is organized around a construction—a fictional letter from a woman, Olivia, to her mother, Eugenia. Ten years ago, Eugenia moved away, and now she is considering coming back. Through the letter, her daughter warns her of the city she will encounter upon her return and describes how it is no longer the one she left. This device creates a framework for historians, activists, and journalists to discuss their complex relationships to the city through personal memories and historical events. Accompanied by archival footage, their descriptions explain the patterns of development and systems of discrimination that shaped a city where people exist alongside one another but live in very different worlds. Dreamlike visual sequences connect the interviews to the story of Olivia and Eugenia, transporting the viewer on a journey through the city at night.  ST


Reece Auguiste


Avril Johnson


Brand Thumim


Jonathan Bloom

Release Year


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United Kingdom

Run Time

52 minutes