Two Trains Runnin’


In the early 1960s, young blues aficionados caught up in the folk music revival began to ask, “Where are the people who made these early recordings?” The answer was down South. So begins a reach across racial and generational divides to find authentic roots music, an effort that continues to shape American culture. Set in the place and time of the “civil rights war” that was Mississippi, 1964, this story follows two separate groups of young white men as they search for country blues musicians Son House and Skip James, two older black men who have been “missing” for decades. These quests eventually lead House and James to the Newport Folk Festival and a secure place in American music history. Featuring artful animation and performances by Gary Clark Jr. and Lucinda Williams, the film skillfully interweaves these intricate and unheralded stories with one that is better known, the violent struggle for voting rights during Freedom Summer. “Outside agitators” looking for musicians and those trying to bring democracy to Mississippi were running on parallel tracks.  TW


Sam Pollard


Benjamin Hedin


Dava Whisenant


Natalie Kingston

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United States

Run Time

85 minutes


World Premiere