What Remains


This portrait of photographer Sally Mann explores the creation of her most recent body of work entitled What Remains. Her 1992 book, Immediate Family brought her international recognition as well as plenty of controversy. Not one to look away, in What Remains, Mann confronts taboo subjects with a deep personal intelligence. A meditation on mortality, her recent photographs explore memory and death, decay and beauty. The process of creating this work—from the conception of an idea, the placement of the camera, the darkroom in the back of her Suburban and her experiments with the 19th century collodium process used by Civil War photographers—is chronicled by the filmmakers. The final obstacle the artist faces is the exhibition of the work and, ultimately, finding a place to start again.  KH


Steven Cantor


Steven Cantor, Daniel Laikind, Pax Wassermann

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United States

Run Time

80 minutes