When China Met Africa


Three men, one African and two Chinese, navigate uncharted waters in their quest for economic advancement in a globalized economy. Zambia’s Trade Minister Felix Mutati is eager to create new jobs in his country and leads the campaign for Chinese investors, shaking hands, taking meetings, and generally encouraging new startups. Liu Changming runs a farm, where he scolds the Zambian workers from behind a closed gate, admonishing them for taking too many breaks. Engineer Li Jianguo, who works for a Chinese state-owned company commissioned by the Zambian government to lay a paved road, wants to complete the job to the highest of standards, but budget cuts dictate shortcuts and imperfect work. Both men traveled far from their homeland in hopes of reaping African profits, but those have eluded them so far. Though the African workers employed by these enterprises do not feature as prominently in this film, it is clear that for them more jobs do not necessarily mean better conditions. At the end of the day, who is benefiting from these seemingly symbiotic relationships?  ST


Marc Francis, Nick Francis


Miriana Bojic Walter, Nick Francis, Marc Francis


Hugh Williams


Marc Francis

Release Year


Festival Year



United Kingdom, France

Run Time

75 minutes