You Can’t Always Get What You Want


“Posting the Daily Diary [online] is part of the LBJ Library’s ongoing mission to provide an intimate, unvarnished look at the inner workings of the Johnson White House.” At some point, the most private of public lives can become very public. President Johnson’s secretaries started keeping typed and handwritten daily diaries in 1959 when he was Senate majority leader and continued doing so through his presidency. Meetings, social events, and telephone calls were noted, as were descriptions of the president’s reactions to people and events, including his mood and, occasionally, events he directed be “off the record.” The library has made 630 hours of phone conversations available, though as of 2012, ten hours are still classified for national security or personal reasons. You Can’t Always Get What You Want is a bright romp through episodes of international diplomacy, homeland arm-twisting, and personal gastronomy, as lifted from the pages of the diaries and recorded phone conversations and animated by archival photographs.  CRE


Scott Calonico


Jeff Radice


Scott Calonico

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United States, United Kingdom

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9 minutes