First Team


    First Team means YOU come first! First Team members enjoy concierge service, VIP perks, and special invitations to events during the festival and year-round.

    This year, memberships for First Team have shifted! Donations of $1,100 or more qualify you for First Team membership and allows you to purchase an exclusive festival benefits package, if you so choose. If you would not like to purchase a benefits package, you can still donate using the green button below.

    Festival benefits packages are still being finalized, and will include priority access to the virtual festival, concierge services, and an at-home festival kit. Packages and pricing will be announced at a later date.

    Membership Levels

      Full Quarterly Monthly
    Bronze $1,100 $275 $91.67
    Silver $1,860 $465 $155
    Gold $4,200 $1,050 $350
    Platinum $6,540 $1,635 $545
    Diamond $8,880 $2,220 $733

    *Amounts on this chart reflect totals for gift contributions only. No goods and services are included.


    Making a Tax-Deductible Donation

    All membership dues can be made in annual, quarterly, or monthly installments. If you plan to make payments in quarterly or monthly installments, or if you would like to make an additional tax-deductible gift above the level minimum, please follow these steps:

    1. Use the chart above to determine the gift amount you will enter on the Full Frame gift page. For example, if you would like to give monthly at a Bronze level, enter $91.67 in the box on the page. Select next.


    i. Choose “Recurring Gift” button.
    ii. Select “Repeat my gifts” drop down menu: Monthly or Quarterly.
    iii. Select 12 for monthly, 4 for quarterly from the “For this number of payments” drop down menu.

    1. If you would like to make an addition gift, select “Add Additional Gift” on the Duke My Gift page. If not, please skip to step 4 to “Continue to Payment.”
    1. Enter the additional gift amount in the box. Please note: The amount entered in the “Additional Gift” section will be added to each payment. For example, if you are giving quarterly and would like to give an additional gift of $100 over the course of the year, please enter $25 in the box.
    1. Click “Next” button.

    For screenshots of the above steps, click here.

    Questions? Please contact Development Manager Leesa Moore at 919.433.9804 or leesa.moore@fullframefest.orgThank you for supporting Full Frame!

    Terms and Conditions

    Recent IRS notice 2017-73 examining the use of Donor-Advised Funds (DAF’s) to pay for any portion of memberships that confer benefits such as tickets for First Team members have suggested that this amounts to more than an incidental benefit and as a result DAF’s are no longer allowing donors to make such grant recommendations.  Because of this development CDS will no longer be able to accept payments for First Team membership benefits from a DAF.  Please check these rules and limitations with your advisor.

    Corporate matching funds are not eligible for benefits and may not count toward First Team totals. Check with your company for details.

    Please contact Leesa Moore at 919.433.9804 with any questions.

    Full Frame is a program of the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).